High Concept: Third-person voxel destruction
Time: June 2011 - Present
Team: 6 Developers / 3 Artists
My Role: Scripting and Tools
C++, Python, CPython, DirectX, TinyXML, Wwise

Quite easily the most ambitious project I have been part of so far this has proven to be an ever changing challenge. We started with 3 developers and the scope of what we wanted to accomplish demanded a well rounded producer, game designer, and artists. I implemented our python scripting which allows our game designer to quickly iterate on design. In addition I have been tasked with making our level editor that will allow us to create expansive levels for players to explore and most importantly DESTROY!

Coming Soon!

Cat Nap!
High Concept: 2D Platformer
Time: September 2010 - April 2011
Team: 3 Developers
My Role: Technical Director
C++, DirectX, TinyXML, FMOD
Cat Nap!

My second game project turned out to be quite different from my first and was a great experience looking back. First I was used to autonomous team members so all I worried about was my task. I learned some people require deadlines and not everyone was passionate about what they were learning. Being the technical director in itself was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge as I had never written, designed, or architected an entire software framework. In the end I gained a lot of insight into both working on teams and how to apply my knowledge of C++ as well.

Download Cat Nap Here!

Ferguson and the Half Robot
High Concept: Top-down RPG adventure
Time: January 2010 - April 2010
Team: 3 Developers
My Role: Tools / UI / Gameplay / Content
C, Win32 Console, FMOD
Ferguson and the Half Robot!

This was my first time working on a game and my first real challenge with the C language. In one semester we had to produce a game from the ground up. We were given WriteConsoleOuput() and left to figure out how to structure an engine, write a graphics pipeline, and produce a playable game. I mainly worked on our level editor, the UI system, wrote gameplay code, and produced content using our custom sprite and level editor.

Download Ferguson and the Half Robot Here! And its Readme Here!
Note: You can only beat electric giraffes until you either level up or gain a second party member!
Sorry about the balance issue.